Masculine Addiction

IMG_2302 IMG_2282 IMG_2311 IMG_2231 IMG_2308 IMG_2263 IMG_2314Zara Platform Shoe, Asos Coat (similar here),  Anette Moi Tee, Topshop Awkward Length’ Trousers, BDG Bag (Similar Here), Forever 21 Hoops (Similar Here)

If you were to ask my  brothers opinion of how I dress you would be guaranteed the response of ‘too manly’ or ‘grandma’. So you can only imagine my determination to ensure these bad boys made it to my wardrobe pronto.

Blue Matrix

visualepoque( Primark Duster & Knit, Urban Outfitters Bag & Shades, BDG Jeans, Addidas Superstar Trainers )

I’m not gonna lie to you, this duster was an absolute STEAL! Generally speaking I hate colour, I just don’t feel like it suits me at all however, there’s something about the pastel/sky blue that really struck me. The best part is something I wasn’t aware happened but apparently Primark do this thing called a sale?! I thought it was universally impossible for Primark to go much cheaper than it already is. So I ummed and aaahed about weather I should take a gamble and add some colour to my wardrobe and would I wear it often enough to justify the price tag. I mean at £3.00 that’s pretty much the price of a coffee! Was I willing to give up my daily dose of starbucks for this!? DUUUUUH…. I truly truly love it.

Wardrobe Icons

2015/01/img_1030.jpgMy cheeky little feature in this weeks Wardrobe Icons issue

I had a recent visit from Laura & Petro from over at wardrobeicons at my workplace, Bobbi Brown’s counter in Selfridges.

Wardrobe Icons, which released their first edition of the online magazine in October 2014 does exactly what it says in the name. These ladies have years of experience in the fashion world having worked for Look and Red magazine along others. Why would you not want to listen to what they have to say about selecting those ultimate classic pieces for your wardrobe that are the lifetime investments, timeless staples and treasured pieces that you will inevitably one day hand down to someone very special. This site cuts to the chase with its expertly edited essentials both fashion and beauty (the beauty selection rocks!) alongside its weekly magazine.

Make sure you check it out along with Laura’s own personal style blog WIT,

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Muriel Maxwell on the cover of American Vogue July 1, 1939

Picture credit: Condé Nast Horst Estate

On the wall at the opening of this exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum is one word in bare, three-dimensional lettering: H O R S T

This incredible exhibition was a must see for artists, fashionistas, bloggers, makeup artists and photographers. The exhibition looks back at 60 years of art which instantly captivates you through Horsts meticulous obsession with the perfect blend of light and shadow, that were used to startling effect in his work. In 1943 his editor at Vogue cited his subtle manipulation of lighting as one his key strengths.

He was a master of atmospheric illusion, composition and light who created an image of sensual sophistication. Horsts images overcome fashion and time. His photographs graced the pages of House and Garden and Vogue under the photographic title ‘Horst’.

The huge collection of prints, drawings, notebooks, scrapbooks and letters that Horst carefully preserved throughout his life, alongside thousands of prints in the archives of Condé Nast, bear witness to his distinguished talent.

Curator Susanna Brown captures the man and his work with clarity and style.

‘Fashion is an expression of the times. Elegance is something else again.’
Horst, 1984

Denim Overdose

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Is it such a crime that I want my wardrobe to be overflowing with denim pieces right now? I don’t know what’s come over me but I’m infatuated with the vast variety of shades, the perfectly formed structure of the way the fabric hangs, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for me and denim. Roll on black Friday, my basket is overflowing.

Asos product codes:

Denim Skirt 439036, Denim Tshirt Dress 536211, High Weighst Wide leg Jeans 521434, Longline Denim Jacket 544664

Clothes For Thought


It dawned on me tonight as I was sorting through my wardrobe at who knows what hour – because ‘why not’. Every piece of clothing I own has a memory or story attached to it. Be it a thrifted pair of polka dot lookalike pajama bottoms, or a vintage shoulder padded (skanky to some peoples opinions) blazer. Take a second to step back next time your having a sort through and remember all of those times you wore that particular piece of clothing and stop…

It’s pretty crazy. That’s the reason I love everything about the wardrobe I own. I may look at it every morning and think ‘ damn I have nothing to wear’ but at the end of the day, it’s you in every moment, any day. The things you put on your body. This is what makes me the horder I so severely am.


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