Face Talk

1. Decleor Cleansing Milk – This cleanser works great on my skin which is normal to combination. The key thing that keeps me going back for more is the essential Oils of Lavender, Petitgrain and Mallow that give the product a therapeutic scent! They also help to soften, calm and decongest to leave skin fresh, clear and perfectly balanced. The only downside is, if your in a hurry and skip toning it can leave an oily residue.

2. Elemis Balancing Toner –  This product contains high Alpine Lavender which helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, whilst effectively clarifying the complexion. Its also completely free of alcohol or harsh detergents so this product has zero stripping effects on the skin. Making this toner a massive hit with dealing with my skin type!

3. The Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator – I’ve always been a big fan of the body shop and their simple yet effective products full of natural ingredients. Using Jojoba Beads and Olive Stone Granules to exfoliate, and seaweed to soften and rebalance the skin this product does exactly what’s needed.

4. Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask – Love this product! Having worked in the spa environment it always gave me a great opportunity to test out a lot of different products. With face masks being a big passion of mine, this cheap and cheerful face mask does wonders. It’s mild enough to use twice a week after cleansing and leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed, renourished and balanced. I also like to pair it with 15 minutes lounging on the sofa with damp tea bags on my eyes! (I think its an old wives tale but it definitely works wonders  on the eye area)

5.  Forever Aloe Vera Gelly – The only reason I stumbled upon this product is because a sales MAN left samples round my house. I swear by the powers of Aloe Vera. It creates a layer of moisture on the skins surface to protect and is also a very effective way of healing any areas on your face from picking (yes picking … we all do it!) spots. This product can feel rather sticky on application but its easily absorbed.


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