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Clothes For Thought


It dawned on me tonight as I was sorting through my wardrobe at who knows what hour – because ‘why not’. Every piece of clothing I own has a memory or story attached to it. Be it a thrifted pair of polka dot lookalike pajama bottoms, or a vintage shoulder padded (skanky to some peoples opinions) blazer. Take a second to step back next time your having a sort through and remember all of those times you wore that particular piece of clothing and stop…

It’s pretty crazy. That’s the reason I love everything about the wardrobe I own. I may look at it every morning and think ‘ damn I have nothing to wear’ but at the end of the day, it’s you in every moment, any day. The things you put on your body. This is what makes me the horder I so severely am.


Photo – wishwishwish.net